How To Buy oBTC

This Guide Should Be Open On A Laptop or PC ONLY.

How to setup an oBTC wallet: Android / Chromebook:

Click The Install Button
Open The oBTC Wallet
Click The Three Dots
Select Security
Select Encrypted and Password Protected
Type A Password and Click OK
Click Blue Add Now Button
1st Name Your Wallet, 2nd Click oBTC Icon, 3rd Click Create

Never share your phrase or password with anyone.

How to setup an oBTC core wallet in Windows:

Click Save File
1st Name Your oBTC Backup File To Whatever You Wish, 2nd Click Save

How to setup an account on Exbitron:

Complete The Registration Process
Check Your Email. Click Confirm To Verify Your Email Address
Log-in To The Exbitron Website
Click On Profile

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Exbitron is a small independent exchange. This exchange only trades USDT on the Tron platform. This means your Ethereum USDT will not work on Exbitron! You’ll need to convert your crypto to USDT trc (The Tron Blockchain). This next section we will review how this is done.

How to swap from ETH and other cryptocurrencies to USDT trc:

Select Your Trade From Cryptocurrency
Make Sure It’s Red, Says TRX and (TRON)
Click The Green Exchange Button
Copy The USDT Deposit Address
When Your Balance Appears You’re Ready To Buy
The Trading Page Layout
Select Limit or Market Order
A Limit Order Will Appear Like This
Confirm The Limit Order
After Placing A Limit Order They Will Appear Here
Confirm The Market Order
Congratulations You’re An Early oBTC Owner
Click Withdraw
Click The +
Paste Your Wallet Address, Create A Name For Your Wallet Your Withdrawing To, Click Submit For Confirmation
Enter Pin From Email
Click The Yellow Row, Then Click The Wallet Name On The Grey Row
Enter Withdraw Amount or Click All, Enter 2FA Code From The Authenticator App, Click Withdraw
Confirm All Is Correct. Click Withdraw




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