Reserve Your oBTC Optical Bitcoin Miner Today

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PoWx announced they are accepting reservations for the first 1,000 optical miners to be manufactured at a later date (12 months or more).

To be white listed for the initial reservation you must first sign-up for whitelisting on The PoWx website.

If you’re whitelisted, you will receive an email within 72 hours that contains instructions detailing how reserve your optical miner.

Here’s how it will work:

Send 500 oBTC per miner reserved to a unique address you’ll receive by email.

EXAMPLE: If you reserve 4 miners you’ll need to send 2,000 oBTC to this unique wallet address.

After sending the oBTC deposit you’ll complete a form. On the form you’ll need to enter the Transaction Hash ID (TXID aka TX). This will be your unique identifier.

To find the Transaction Hash ID (TXID) from core wallet for Windows: Click transactions. Find the transaction for the deposit reservation. Click it. A new window will appear. Find the Transaction ID and copy it. Paste it to the form on the PoWx site.

On the PoWx for you’ll also need to enter YOUR public wallet address that you sent the payment from.

In the future you’ll need to ensure you’re able to access the same sending wallet address to prove your identity. If you lose access to this wallet, you will lose your reservation and your oBTC.

You’ll have 72 hrs to make the payment and complete the form. After 72 hours you’ll lose your place in line and need to apply for whitelisting again.

Please understand that there is no exact timeline or specification sheet for the miners as of now. This is a refundable reservation, but there is a 50 oBTC fee per miner cancelled.

The value is being locked at $1 USD per oBTC for this reservation. You will receive $500 off the purchase price of the miners when they are available for purchase. As previously stated these coins will not be spent for at least 12 months.



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